Custom is now for everyone.

This is the era of custom – for everyone. And it’s surprisingly attainable. Gone are the days when the word “custom” meant a forbiddingly formal and exclusively expensive world available to only a lucky few.

“All of our fabric seating is hand-upholstered to order in our American workshops.”

Instead, today practically everybody customizes practically everything. What can’t we make to suit ourselves? Think desktops, phones, MP3 players, DVRs, cars….

It was only a matter of time before someone (that would be us) drew attention to the fact that custom upholstered furniture is also more desirable. When it’s been tailor-made for you, it’s more yours. After all, you should be comfortable in your own castle. And comfort, like style, is very personal. Our custom is more affordable than you think.

Custom upholstery is simply about not settling. It’s about getting to choose from hundreds of frames and thousands of fabrics. About personalizing with trims, nailheads, and welting. About, in some cases, basically designing your own, by choosing legs, skirts, and arms. Custom is about getting exactly what you want, instead of what happens to be on the floor or in stock.

We make custom upholstery by hand every working day. All of our seating is made to order. And it’s well made. We have a seventy-seven-year history of craftsmanship as our foundation. (Have you seen our company timeline? It’s pretty cool — the story of the ever evolving American home since 1932. Click here to see our history.)

You can feel our quality just by sitting down: Our core cushion density is higher than industry standard for longer lasting comfort. The sturdiness and stability of our upholstery is due to strong frames with tight interlocking joints.

Our quality and customization are key parts of the value we offer. In a sense, we often think of ourselves as redefining “value” with our unique combination of style, quality, custom, and free professional design service. That dynamic mix of ours, we think, is a beautiful combination that inevitably results in style that lasts.

Classic design. Modern perspective.℠

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